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The Bear Lake West HOA website was developed to serve as a resource for our members and the local community.   
Visit Cooper's Restaurant and Sports Bar and the Bear Lake West Golf Course - both located at the Clubhouse at Bear Lake West and open to the public.  Enjoy amazing views of Bear Lake while you relax.
We encourage you to sign up for NEXTDOOR in order to communicate with your neighbors.  You can do so via:
Can't find the info you need?  Contact us with questions.
A new board was elected at the annual meeting on August 11, 2018.  The new board members can be found under the Board Members link on the left side.  

~ Upcoming Events ~
No Events at this time.

~ HOA Board Meetings/Community ~
The HOA Board would like to thank those who attended the annual meeting and those who returned completed surveys.  There is still time to submit your feedback by returning the survey if you have not yet submitted one.
For those who would like to get more involved in the community, 
we could use some volunteers with the following experience in:
Finance/Accounting/Auditing for financial review of contracts, recommendations for minimum returns on investment for projects related to the restaurant, determination of actual returns, and simple audit of financial reports and compliance with the terms of contracts.   
Insurance for review of policies for compliance with contract requirements, and review for duplication of coverages. 
Please email if you are able to help.
The Bear Lake West Homeowners Association Board of Directors meets monthly, generally on the second Saturday of each month.  
If you would like to attend the meeting or want additional information regarding BOD meetings please contact us via email using this link:  meetings.
Have input or suggestions for the board of directors?  Please contact us via email using this link:  board.
To contact individual board members directly, please visit the Board Members page for email and phone contact information.

~ HOA News ~
Links to webcams for Bear Lake Weather (here) and Road Conditions (here) and (here).
Please be aware of the HOA, County and State regulations related to dogs in Bear Lake West HOA, Bear Lake County and the State of Idaho.  Dogs are to be under the control of the owner at all times.  
Dogs caught chasing deer and other big game animals can be seized, owners fined and/or the dogs destroyed by enforcement personnel.  Farmers are allowed to kill dogs caught harassing their livestock.  
Please be responsible for your sake and the sakes of your dogs and wildlife.  
Additionally, it is common courtesy to pick up your dog's poop when it poops on another owner's property or on roads in the HOA.  Be a good neighbor and clean up after your dog.  
NEW OWNERS - Please visit the link on the home page for new homeowners.  Both the new homeowners and the FAQ pages answer many common questions.
ALL OWNERS - An approved Appendix A is required prior to beginning new projects that modify the outside of your property.  Any changes other than staining a deck the same color require an Appendix A.  Please contact the Environmental Control Committee for more info.  The Appendix A form is found on the website under the HOA and County Documents tab.

~ Local Wildlife ~