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Water System

Bear Lake West Water System
Questions about the Water Special Assessment for all owners of $50/year for 2014 and 2015?  Click here for an explanation.
HOA Water Operator
      Tom Ruppenthal  206-409-8066 (206 area code is not a typo)
Back Up Water Operator
       Dan Fillion  208-479-6617
Important Information Regarding the BLW HOA Water System:

***Important Water System Info***
In order to cover all HOA costs incurred when water is turned on and turned off, the fees have increased by $25.  The turn on fee is now $100 and the turn off fee is now $175.  This increase assures that the HOA membership is not incurring any costs for those turning on/turning off their water.
As a reminder, homeowners are responsible for installing a water shut off outside the house between the meter and the home.
Homeowners should install a pressure regulator right where the water line enters the house to protect internal plumbing. Overpressurization is a fact of life on a water system like ours.  
Bear Lake West HOA will not accept responsibility for damage caused to internal plumbing during an overpressure situation as pressure regulators are required.
Tampering with water meters will result in a $500 fine.  Tampering means taking the meter lid off, touching the meter or turning the meter on or off.  Only Tom or Dan can touch the meter.  Contact Tom Ruppenthal directly at 206-409-8066 before taking meter lid off.  NO EXCEPTIONS.