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Additional Information

2014 and 2015 Water Special Assessment

The $100 special assessment ($50/year for two years) for the water system will be used for major projects and to increase the reserve (savings) allocated to the water system for major projects.

The Board did a lot of research to decide the best way to collect the funds we need for the water system.  We researched rate increases, charging lot owners a "stand by" fee (lots with meters pay the maintenance fee, lots without homes pay a stand-by fee) and doing a special assessment for major projects.  Ultimately the board decided to do a special assessment for all lot and home owners and non-HOA water customers of $50/year for two years.
The Board decided the special assessment was the best option and decided not to take increases that live forever with respect to an annual stand-by fee for lot owners or increased water rates for those owners with meters.

We are committed to assuring the upgraded water system is meticulously maintained and continuously improved to provide safe and reliable service to BLW.   All owners benefit from the major upgrades to the water system; the benefit of our water system is not limited to those with homes only.

Notification of this special assessment was included in the January 2014 Newsletter, a summary of changes to the water services and rates policy  and an updated version of the water services and rates policy were also included with the mailing of the dues statements in the January 2014 dues mailing.
If you have further questions please contact an HOA Board Member or the CPA.  Contact info can be found on the Board page.  
Thank you.
Laurie Jensen