The use and licensing of ATV/OHV in the Bear Lake West HOA subdivisions is covered under the CC&Rs as well as County laws.  Some state laws may apply. 
Drivers must be licensed and children under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.
The speed limit in the subdivisions is 20 mph.  This speed limit applies to ATV/OHV vehicles.  If the roads are dusty, please slow down to a dustless speed.  
All ATV/OHV must be licensed in the state of Idaho for use on Idaho roads.  Please contact Bear Lake County on licensing.  It is an inexpensive process.
There are no legal outlets out of the Lakeside and the main subdivisions.  
Any trails exiting the boundaries of these subdivisions are crossing private property for which owner permission is required.  As owners, we cannot give permission for motorized travel into the national forest.
Please familiarize yourself with the laws surrounding the use of ATV/OHV on County, State and Federal roads before you ride.  The link at the top of this page provides the pertinent information.
Below are links to legal ATV/OHV trails in the area.  Please ride safely and courteously.
The US Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management:
                        OHV Guidelines
                        Idaho Trail Opportunities - Where to Ride
                        Idaho Off-Highway Recreation Guide (an easier map to read on this site)
                        Register Your OHV  
Caribou-Targhee National Forest - Montpelier Ranger District:
The Monpelier Ranger District Office in Montpelier has free maps of the area for a small fee.
The Forest Dip Trail starts on BLM property near Fish Haven and then connects into the National Forest.  Please contact the BLM for the location of the trailhead in Idaho.