Fire Safety
Fire Safety
Fires can and do happen.  We all want to do our best to prevent fires in our subdivision.  We are working on our Emergency Response plan for owners and their guests in the Bear Lake West HOA subdivisions.  
We are exploring options for educational events, materials to distribute and potential grant money to reduce the fuel load in our subdivisions, establish an emergency communication system, emergency evacuation plans and creating defensible space in our subdivision.
A committee has been created to coordinate these efforts.
What can you do to prevent fires?
1.  No burning of wood, garbage or other combustibles outdoors in the subdivision.  This includes wood-burning fire pits.
2.  No fireworks.  No shooting of firearms.  No playing with matches.
3.  Start creating a defensible space around your home.  A defensible space increases the chances of your home and structures surviving a wildfire.  This link will help you get started.