Board Members

Bear Lake West Board of Directors
For any maintenance issues that needs to be addressed, please contact Richard Barako at 208-847-1920.  For all other matters, please contact  They will address your concerns or will send the information on to the appropriate board member for resolution.
Title Name/Phone
Richard Barako/(208) 847-1920
Vice President
Jeff Frederick/(719) 217-5127
Karen Sexton/(719) 208-6772
Ed Burnside/(801) 913-0207
Maintenance/Environmental Control
Richard Barako/(208) 847-1920
Environmental Control
Conway Jensen/(208) 244-9300
Compliance/Environmental Control
Jeff Frederick/(719) 217-5127
Amenities Chairman/Swan Creek 
Kevin McLeod/(801) 643-3993
Water Liaison 
Cody Canerdy/(805) 368-7773
Water System Operator Emergency Contact Information 
Please respect the time of our water operators.  They are available for routine questions from 8am-4pm during the week and non-holiday weekends only.  For water hookups or other onsite meetings, please call a few days ahead to schedule a time.  After hours calls are for emergencies only, such as large leaks in the water system (not for water hookups or questions on your bill).  If you need to reach the water master after hours for an emergency, please leave a message or send a text to the numbers below.  They will return your call ASAP.
Name Title Cell
Josh Miller Back Up Operator 208-850-0733

For Billing Questions Contact

Tiffany M. Wahlberg, CPA


For Amenities (Pool, Golf, Beach) questions contact the Pro-Shop (208) 945-2744

For Cooper's (Hours, Reservations, etc.) call (208) 945-2222