Amenities News

Amenities News
We understand there are some HOA/POA members who are concerned about the new Coopers sign. The new sign has been installed and should be a positive addition to Coopers, the golf course and other messaging to members.  Please understand that this was a decision made and approved by the previous Amenities Board and has been in the process for over a year. 
Kevin McCleod, HOA Amenities Chair  
A decision has been made in conjunction with the POA to open the access gate to the beach.
Below are the current rules and requests with regards to the access gate to the beach:
1.  The gate will be open at 9am and locked at 9pm by BLW HOA Board Member Conway Jensen.
2.  When you enter and pass the high water line, you are on Sovereign Public Property which is NOT BLW property.  Anyone can be there.
3.  As members, the access belongs to you.  Please take care of the area and what you PACK IN, PACK OUT. 
4.  Members will be required to police themselves.  After you enter, close the gate behind you and don't be afraid to ask a person if they are a member.  If they are, I am sure they will appreciate it.  If you encounter someone illegally using the access, call the Sheriff's Office. 
5.  We are working to get a porta potty set up. It will have to be set on our property, which will be some distance from the water.   If one is there, please use it.  
6.  You use the beach at your own risk.  If you get stuck, you need to take care of this yourself.  If there is an accident, call the Sheriff's Office.
7.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the access gate(s), or the beach area that the Association owns above the high water line, call Kevin McLeod (HOA) at 801-643-3993 and Amy Karcher (POA) 801-414-6978.