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Bear Lake West HOA Beach
Posted on Sep 10th, 2021
Bear Lake West HOA Beach
IDOT has installed the delineators and no parking signs. We would ask that you drop and pick-up only. Please make sure you remove all personal items when you leave. Thank you very much for your patience.
Annual Amenities and HOA Meeting Cancelled
Posted on Aug 11th, 2021
Due to the resurgence of Covid in the local area, the annual meeting that was to take place at the Sunrise Resort and Event Center on August 21. 2021 has been canceled. The board encourages any property owners with questions, concerns, or comments to submit them via the Bear Lake West website. These will then be addressed by the board as quickly as possible. As always, a hard copy of the annual newsletter will be sent out. Please confirm your contact information is correct as it is necessary to ensure you get all communications from the HOA. Thank you very much for your understanding, Bear Lake West HOA Board of Directors
Posted on Jul 16th, 2021
Bear Lake West HOA.
In accordance with outlying neighborhoods, Bear Lake West Water is now asking property owners to water lawns to survive and not thrive. We suggest watering two times per week from 20 minutes each zone for fixed sprinkler systems and 40 minutes for all other type rotary sprinklers. No watering should be done from 10AM until 6PM. Operators are trying to maintain full or nearly full tanks in case of an emergency situation. Your cooperation is appreciated by the Board, water system operators, and especially other property owners.
Additional Roll Off
Posted on Jul 15th, 2021
Attention Bear Lake West Property Owner.
An additional roll off has been ordered for the dumpster area for the weekends of: 7/24 weekend 8/5-8/7 raspberry days 9/3-9/5 labor-day weekend Please keep in mind that the roll off is intended for only large items that would otherwise fill the dumpsters too quickly. Only household BAGGED garbage is intended to be put in dumpsters. Limbs and landscaping refuse needs to be disposed of in the burn pile. Please plan accordingly and thank you for your cooperation.
Parking Lots and Snow Plow Policy
Posted on Jan 29th, 2021
As a reminder, here are the guidelines for the dumpster lot:
a. Services for BLW Residents only
b. No parking allowed for any type of vehicles, construction equipment, or trailers. This lot is for county vehicles including the trash service and school bus. These vehicles must have room to maneuver.
c. All unoccupied vehicles, equipment, or trailers will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.
The HOA would appreciate all property owners to inform friends, guests, and relatives of the rules regarding this lot. The new parking lot to the west is for short term parking of BLW property owners’ vehicles and trailers. As always, no parking for construction vehicles and equipment is allowed.
Thank you for your cooperation.
It's Not Winter Yet
Posted on Nov 15th, 2020
Technically, it is not winter yet but we are getting snow. Please familiarize yourself with the Bear Lake County Snowplowing Policy. In addition to other important information, the policy states the county can tow your vehicles if left on county right of ways at the request of the road dept. and sheriff. The policy can be found through this link:/editor_upload/File/BL%20County/BL%20County%20Snowplowing%20Policy%2012_14%20full%20policy.pdf
Guidelines for the New and Old Parking Lots
Posted on Sep 24th, 2020
What we have all been waiting for! Here are the guidelines for the new Bear Lake West parking lot:
a. Private Property
b. Designated trailer/RV parking for BLW residence and their guests only
c. No long term parking, storage or overnight lodging (long term is defined as longer than 14 consecutive days)
d. No construction equipment, trailers or vehicles allowed
e. Your vehicle/trailer will be towed at your expense if you fail to comply with the guidelines above
Along with guidelines for the new lot comes new guidelines for the old lot holding the dumpsters:
a. Services for BLW Residents only
b. No parking allowed
c. All unoccupied vehicles or equipment will be towed at owners expense
Thank all of you in advance for adhering to the guidelines.