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Record Amounts of Snow
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2023
Bear Lake West has been getting record amounts of snow and the National Weather Service predicts possibly nine more inches Saturday and Saturday evening. Cabin owners, please check your roofs and decks or have them checked to determine whether snow and ice should be removed. We have one carport in the community beginning to collapse already. Please be proactive, contractors are available. 
Water Main Major Leak
Posted on Feb 21st, 2023
Update: Lake West Boulevard has been repaired and is open. Unfortunately, water leak has not yet been repaired. 
Monday February 22 at 11:51 PM SCADA Telemetry alerted us to a massive leak that was indicated by an abnormally low pressure in the area served by our middle water tanks which is the lower central part of the BLWHOA Main Plat system. The leak was calculated to be about 500 gallons per minute. It was found and shut down via mainline valves at 1:30 AM Tuesday morning. Be advised that Lake West Blvd. from the triangle intersection at Clark Avenue going east to the Lake West Blvd/Fremont intersection is closed. There are numerous ways to get up hill either by turning north on Fremont or South on Lewis Loop. The timing on reopening this section of road has yet to be determined. There are only two homes without water until repairs can be made Lot B184 (525 Lake West Blvd) and Lot B186 (571 Lake West Blvd) When repairs are concluded you may notice a milky color to your water. This is simply micro air bubbles in the water generated by the huge flow rates. It will eventually dissipate. Additionally, please be diligent in monitoring your own properties. Monday temperatures shot up to 40 after many days of very cold below zero temperatures. This is when we typically see leaks present themselves, as they thaw, particularly on the water lines from the meter to the home and interior plumbing.
County Notice!
Posted on Feb 1st, 2023
Bear Lake West HOA-County Notice The county road and bridge department has given the HOA notice that members are NOT allowed to plow driveway snow across the road or block fire hydrants. Doing so could result in a $1000 fine from the county.
Trash and Dumpster Guidelines
Posted on Dec 7th, 2022
Bear Lake West HOA Members. Please adhere to our dumpster garbage guidelines. Residents only please. Only bagged household garbage and please secure your bags. Wind will blow the garbage around otherwise. Please break down boxes as they take up a great amount of space and limits the amounts others can dispose of properly. Prohibited items are: anything toxic or flammable, furniture or appliances, and lumber or any other construction material. The county WILL not empty the dumpsters if these items are found in them. If the county will not dump them, a person has to load these onto a trailer and take them to the Bear Lake County Landfill. Many times a person literally has to climb inside the dumpster to retrieve the item(s). The person(s) does not do this for free! The process is charged to the HOA all labor, gas, and fees for dumping. Please adhere to the regulations. Save your HOA and Amenities dues for items that we all can enjoy rather than expenses like this.
Bear Lake West Beach Use
Posted on Aug 28th, 2022
BLW HOA and POA Members,
Following the election yesterday, five of the HOA Board members met and among other decisions, decided jointly with the POA to open the access gate to the beach as soon as we could make the appropriate notifications and arrangements with involvement from the POA and interested members.
As we left the meeting, I stopped to talk with Ted Slavinski at the golf course and was advised that the lock on the gate had already been cut and vehicles were driving out.  We hoped for a more controlled access, but we understand the frustration.  I have communicated with Amy Karcher and Jeff Baird from the POA and we are in the process of forming a member committee. 
With that said, we are taking the following steps to make this work for now.
1.  The gate will be open at 9am and locked at 9pm by BLW Board Member Conway Jensen.
2.  When you enter and pass the high water line, you are on Sovereign Public Property which is NOT BLW property.  Anyone can be there.
3.  As members, the access belongs to you.  Please take care of the area and what you PACK IN, PACK OUT. 
4.  Members will be required to police themselves.  After you enter, close the gate behind you and don't be afraid to ask a person if they are a member.  If they are, I am sure they will appreciate it.  If you encounter someone illegally using the access, call the Sheriff's Office. 
5.  We are working to get a porta potty set up. It will have to be set on our property, which will be some distance from the water.   If one is there, please use it.  
6.  You use the beach at your own risk.  If you get stuck, you need to take care of this yourself.  If there is an accident, call the Sheriff's Office.
7.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the access gate(s), or the beach area that the Association owns above the high water line, call Kevin McLeod at 801-643-3993 or Amy Karcher at 801-414-6978.
Please give us some time to put a long term plan together.
But for now, enjoy the lake and the remainder of the summer.
Trash Service Days and Raspberry Days Additional Roll Off
Posted on Aug 4th, 2022
Members, on normal weeks, household trash pickup is on Monday and Saturday. Holiday weekends, it is picked up on Friday also to take some of the pressure from Saturday. An additional roll off will be placed Thursday or Friday and will be picked up Monday during summer holiday weekends. Please keep in mind, the roll off is for large items, furniture, appliances, etc. that is not to be disposed of in the regular dumpsters. Please do not place household refuse in roll off as it will attract scavengers that will spread garbage throughout the area. Yard refuse is to be taken to the burn pile as always.
Noxious Weeds
Posted on Jun 5th, 2022
According to our CC&Rs, article 5 section 5.2 paragraph 13, all homeowner lots (whether occupied or unoccupied) need to be maintained to prevent not only rubbish and debris but also the growth of noxious and invasive weeds including Dyers Woad. Dyers Woad is in full bloom currently. Here is a link with information on Dyers Woad and pictures to help you identify it in your lot. Please help your community eradicate it.
Thank you BLW HOA Board
Guidelines for the New and Old Parking Lots
Posted on May 3rd, 2022
What we have all been waiting for! Here are the guidelines for the new Bear Lake West parking lot:
a. Private Property
b. Designated trailer/RV parking for BLW residence and their guests only
c. No long term parking, storage or overnight lodging (long term is defined as longer than 14 consecutive days)
d. Construction equipment, trailers, and vehicles are asked to use east side of west lot
e. Your vehicle/trailer will be towed at your expense if you fail to comply with the guidelines above
Along with guidelines for the new lot comes new guidelines for the old lot holding the dumpsters:
a. Services for BLW Residents only
b. No parking allowed
c. All unoccupied vehicles or equipment will be towed at owners expense
Thank all of you in advance for adhering to the guidelines.
Parking Lots and Snow Removal Policy
Posted on May 3rd, 2022
As a reminder, here are the guidelines for the dumpster lot:
a. Services for BLW Residents HOA only
b. No parking allowed for any type of vehicles, construction equipment, or trailers HOA members or otherwise. This lot is for county vehicles including the trash service and school bus. These vehicles must have room to maneuver.
c. All unoccupied vehicles, equipment, or trailers will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.
The HOA would appreciate all property owners to inform friends, guests, and relatives of the rules regarding this lot. The new parking lot to the west is for short term parking of BLW property owners’ vehicles and trailers. As always, no parking for construction vehicles and equipment is allowed.
*exception requests should be sent to Josh Miller at
Please familiarize yourself with the Bear Lake County Snowplowing Policy. In addition to other important information, the policy states the county can tow your vehicles if left on county right of ways at the request of the road dept. and sheriff. The policy can be found through this link:/editor_upload/File/BL%20County/BL%20County%20Snowplowing%20Policy%2012_14%20full%20policy.pdf. For those of you residing on non-annexed roads, the HOA will plow those but please be patient. We can only get to one at a time. 
Thank you for your cooperation.
Snow Removal in Bear Lake West
Posted on Dec 6th, 2021
Winter is on the way. Eventually, we will be getting snow. Please familiarize yourself with the Bear Lake County Snowplowing Policy. In addition to other important information, the policy states the county can tow your vehicles if left on county right of ways at the request of the road dept. and sheriff. The policy can be found through this link:/editor_upload/File/BL%20County/BL%20County%20Snowplowing%20Policy%2012_14%20full%20policy.pdf For those of you residing on non-annexed roads, the POA will plow those but please be patient. We can only get to one at a time. 
Posted on Jul 16th, 2021
Bear Lake West HOA.
In accordance with outlying neighborhoods, Bear Lake West Water is now asking property owners to water lawns to survive and not thrive. We suggest watering two times per week from 20 minutes each zone for fixed sprinkler systems and 40 minutes for all other type rotary sprinklers. No watering should be done from 10AM until 6PM. Operators are trying to maintain full or nearly full tanks in case of an emergency situation. Your cooperation is appreciated by the Board, water system operators, and especially other property owners.