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Nightly Rental Decision
Posted on Nov 14th, 2019
After tabulating the Short Term Rental Survey results and doing a great deal of additional research, the HOA Board voted AGAINST proposing a change to the CC&Rs to allow nightly rentals.  We will be sharing all of this information in a document to be posted in the near future with a link for easy access.
Thanks to all who responded to the survey and to those who reached out to have discussions on the matter.
Clark Avenue Widening
Posted on Nov 5th, 2019
Some of you may have noticed that work is being done on Clark Avenue as it curves West after the turnoff to the upper roads.  Equipment was delivered by Thomas Rock on Monday, November 4th and construction began on Tuesday, November 5th.  The objective is to widen the road where it so narrow and to reroute the culvert to improve funtionaliy and safety.
Please be advised that the best detour for accessing the upper roads will be to turn right on Fremont Road just past Lewis Loop then right on Holiday Drive.  
There will be an additional announcement once the project has been completed.
Short-term Rental Survey
Posted on Oct 21st, 2019
The HOA is sending an email to conduct a survey regarding short-term rentals. Please check your spam folder in case it does not make it to your inbox.  The email will be from 
We encourage and appreciate your participation in the survey.
Provided there is community interest to consider this change, the HOA Dues January, 2020, mailing will include an opportunity to vote to update the CC&Rs. 
A document containing information that the HOA Board has gathered so far can be found here.
Direct Communications Framework
Posted on Oct 12th, 2019
On October 12, 2019, a sales manager for Direct Communications presented the "Framework for an Internet Service Agreement between Direct Communications and the Bear Lake West Homeowners and Property Owners Associations".  The HOA and POA Boards were presented with the information contained in this document.  You can read it in it's entirety here.  Your feedback is welcome.
Wildland Fire Action Guide
Posted on Jun 26th, 2019
The Bear Lake County Fire Department has provided a personal Wildland Fire Action Guide.  You can access the document in MicroSoft Word format here or in PDF format here.
BL Soil & Water Conservation District Project
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2019
On April 13, 2019, Brandee Wells from the Bear Lake Soil & Water Conservation District attended the HOA meeting to announce and explain the grants for their cleanup of the POA and HOA for fire prevention.  Here is a summary of her presentation:
  • The grant for the POA cleanup is in place and the cleanup will begin soon.  The grant requires that the community contribute which is why residents or those they hire need to turn in the time they spend on the cleanup.
  • The application for the HOA grant has been submitted though cleanup cannot begin until the grant is approved which may take place in 2020 or 2021.
  • The cleanup for the POA and HOA will entail clearing the areas around county roads including easements.  Private land will not be cleared without the owner’s permission and signed form.
  • Brandy attended the April 13, 2019 HOA meeting and is willing to present an update at any time, especially if/when and HOA grant becomes effective.