Trash and Dumpster Guidelines
Posted on Dec 7th, 2022

Bear Lake West HOA Members. Please adhere to our dumpster garbage guidelines. Residents only please. Only bagged household garbage and please secure your bags. Wind will blow the garbage around otherwise. Please break down boxes as they take up a great amount of space and limits the amounts others can dispose of properly. Prohibited items are: anything toxic or flammable, furniture or appliances, and lumber or any other construction material. The county WILL not empty the dumpsters if these items are found in them. If the county will not dump them, a person has to load these onto a trailer and take them to the Bear Lake County Landfill. Many times a person literally has to climb inside the dumpster to retrieve the item(s). The person(s) does not do this for free! The process is charged to the HOA all labor, gas, and fees for dumping. Please adhere to the regulations. Save your HOA and Amenities dues for items that we all can enjoy rather than expenses like this.