BLW Wooden Arch Tear Down
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2020

You may have noticed that the wooden arch at the main entrance to Bear Lake West is deteriorating and has become a potential safety hazard.  The HOA Board has selected a contractor to remove the wooden arch.  This will take place later this week, weather permitting, with minimal disruption to traffic flow.  One lane will remain open though if you wish to avoid the site, you can also enter via Smith Ranch Road.
A new attractive metal arch will replace the old one.  Once the wooden arch has been removed, the HOA Board will be selecting a contractor to fabricate and install the metal arch.  With the exception of the wooden arch, the design of the entrance will remain the same.  There will be some upgrades to the lighting and the wooden railings between the stone pillars.
The HOA Board realizes the value of this landmark and they are completing the upgrade to allow for the entrance to remain for many years to come.