Parking Lots and Snow Removal Policy
Posted on May 3rd, 2022

As a reminder, here are the guidelines for the dumpster lot:
a. Services for BLW Residents HOA only
b. No parking allowed for any type of vehicles, construction equipment, or trailers HOA members or otherwise. This lot is for county vehicles including the trash service and school bus. These vehicles must have room to maneuver.
c. All unoccupied vehicles, equipment, or trailers will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.
The HOA would appreciate all property owners to inform friends, guests, and relatives of the rules regarding this lot. The new parking lot to the west is for short term parking of BLW property owners’ vehicles and trailers. Construction vehicles and equipment should be confined to the east side.
Please familiarize yourself with the Bear Lake County Snowplowing Policy. In addition to other important information, the policy states the county can tow your vehicles if left on county right of ways at the request of the road dept. and sheriff. The policy can be found through this link:/editor_upload/File/BL%20County/BL%20County%20Snowplowing%20Policy%2012_14%20full%20policy.pdf. For those of you residing on non-annexed roads, the HOA will plow those but please be patient. We can only get to one at a time. 
Thank you for your cooperation.